construction and development

In DÍRA CONSTRUCTION we propose to take a step further in the construction of houses, from the demystification of the “expensive/good” to a real “good, affordable and efficient”, combining quality materials, non-traditional and using new construction techniques to offer a wider and more advantageous range. 

Luxury is not a myth but a concept, which in these houses is evident in their construction and development.


What motivates us is to create a link between the house and the owner, who, in turn, can enjoy high-performance energy efficiency and acoustics, not forgetting designs that adapt to current events, configurable in custom form and distribution.

Modern materials

The use of new materials enables us to reduce the weight of the structure without leaving the robustness, using a steel skeleton, covered with thermal panels and an interior made with dry partition walls and false ceilings to receive the entire installation. On the outside a multitude of finishes is opened to customize the home that everyone wants. 

In short, a modern house, efficient and most importantly, with a delivery time no longer than 5 months in total.

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