Pleasant flat for sale in the Raval district of Barcelona, which is regarded as an avant-garde neighborhood, born from the expansion of the medieval walls of the city, where we find the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) and the adjacent Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB).


  • 60 Meters.
  • 2 bedrooms.
  • One bathroom.
  • 3rd floor outside.
  • without elevator.

The flat is totally reformed.


It is located between the districts of Raval and Sant Antoni, 5 minutes from the University Square and the San Antoni market.

The apartment has a modern and illuminated design combined with Catalan features.


Located in the northeast of Spain and bathed by the Mediterranean Sea is Barcelona, an ancient, modern and cosmopolitan city that offers

its inhabitants a unique sense of belonging and integration.

The Best Cities Ranking prepared by Resonance has analyzed
the best-valued metropolises across the globe and the winners are London, Paris, New York, Tokyo… and Barcelona.

From its monuments and museums to its restaurants and services, Barcelona offers the best combination of mobility and leisure in Europe, all concentrated in a quiet and attractive space. A city of Modern Art and beaches
around the corner, Archi – tectura and one of the best culinary offerings in the world.

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